Friday, 3 June 2016

Savage Undead: Updated fan PDF

As I mentioned back in January, one of my current pet projects is to go back over my older fan supplements and make them look more professional. This is good practice for the new presentation skills I've been working on, and also allows me to experiment with different layout styles, as I want to have a much firmer idea of what I'm trying to achieve before I start tackling the design and layout for Saga of the Goblin Horde.

The new design (click to enlarge)

I released the first version of Savage Undead in October 2013, shortly before Halloween. It was only my sixth fan supplement, but even back then I wasn't particularly happy with the trade dress; I couldn't find a suitable piece of full-page artwork for the cover, so I enlarged an undead figure illustration and placed it on a public domain fog background (which actually looks more like a plain gray background).

The old design (click to enlarge)

With the Drakonheim kickstarter rapidly approaching, and the setting's strong focus on necromancy and undead, now seemed the perfect time to give Savage Undead a facelift. But I didn't want the new changes to be purely cosmetic; as I redesign each supplement, I'd also like to add some extra content (for example, I added five monsters to the revised Savage Frost Giants supplement).

Savage Undead provides guidelines for balancing playable undead, and includes 13 Hindrances, 13 Edges, and 13 archetypes. The new version also includes 13 new powers, bringing the total size of the supplement up to 13 pages.

You can download it from here: Savage Undead

The old version of Savage Undead is still available here, if you're interested in comparing the two.

I'd particularly like to thank Mathew Halstead and Manuel Sambs for their help with proofreading, and Marcelo Paschoalin for his layout suggestions.

Note: The Savage Worlds Drakonheim Companion contains a lot of necromantic Edges and Hindrances, as well as necromantic trappings, but it doesn't include any new powers - so Savage Undead should complement it nicely.

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