Friday, 17 June 2016

Savage Drakonheim Preview 3: Prepare for War

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the sewer goblins preview for the Savage Drakonheim Kickstarter, and a few weeks before that I talked about the necromancy preview. The Savage Drakonheim Kickstarter went live a few days ago, and the third preview has now been released.

This preview gives a sneak peek into the last chapter of the Heroes of Drakonheim adventure, covering the hexcrawl system I designed for the lead up to the final battle against the invading army. The heroes have less than two weeks to prepare before the enemy reaches the city walls, and must decide what they'll do - will they train a militia? Repair the walls? Recruit allies from the lizardfolk or one of the human tribes? Will they sabotage the bridge to slow down the enemy? Attempt to recover some ancient magical weapons from the past? Or perhaps the situation is dire enough to call upon some of the less savory elements of Drakonheim?

There are many options, but not enough time for all of them, so the heroes will have to prioritize, perhaps even splitting up to deal with some of the challenges. Each challenge they overcome gives some sort of advantage in the upcoming battle (which uses the Mass Battle rules), but the heroes will need to plan carefully and move quickly if they hope to tip the odds in their favor!

Once again, the preview is free. If you've backed the Kickstarter, you'll already have access to the full document - but if you're still on the fence, check out this and the other previews and see if it's something you're interested in!

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