Wednesday 28 December 2022

Tricube Tales: Third-party products

I always announce new Tricube Tales products I've worked on as I add them to my bundle, but as the system is released under the CC BY 3.0 open license, an increasing number of other indie publishers have started using it for their own creations.

Therefore, as we approach the end of 2022, I'd like to shine a spotlight on some of the fantastic third-party Tricube Tales creations that people may have missed on DriveThruRPG. Some are one-pagers in the same style as mine, while others are expanded settings, and many are free or PWYW. If you like Tricube Tales and are looking for more content, I strongly recommend checking out these offerings (not listed in any particular order):

Heroes of the Cosmos: Blast off onto the unknown in this expanded 32-page space pulp action setting.

Artifacts & Adventure: Modern-Day Treasure Hunters: Explore lost ruins and raid ancient tombs in this free 46-page scenario.

The Last Heist: A team of senior citizens comes out of retirement for one last job.

Court of Callings: Agents of the Court of Callings protect the medieval city of Southrock from internal and external threats.

6.6.Psyclops: An elite team of psychically gifted soldiers undertakes secret missions across the globe.

Into the After-Gloaming: Gritty survivors roam a post-apocalyptic landscape in this 46-page sandbox setting.

Here on Castaway Island: A group of tourists finds themselves washed up on an uncharted desert island.

GONZO MUTOID WASTELAND CRUST PUNKS: Bizarre mutants explore an apocalyptic world where different realities have been smashed together.

Unsightly and Unseen: Vampires, ghosts, and Unseelie fae haunt the shadows of the world, following their mysterious agendas.

Defenders of Millennia: Guardians of a fantasy realm fight against the encroaching darkness that threatens to smother the world.

On Mighty Tricubes: Muscle-bound barbarians battle fearsome monsters in this pulp Sword and Sorcery scenario.

The Land of Bright: Tiny heroes explore a land of mysteries and fairy tales in this expanded 26-page scenario.

Trifold Tricube Tales: An easy-to-print two-page cheat sheet for the Tricube Tales system.

Reign of the Jungle Guardians: Explorers and tomb hunters investigate the secrets and mysteries of the jungle.

1520: Habsburg Rising: Bold explorers brave the dangers and mysteries of the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century.

Challenge of the Horror Hosts: A low-budget TV show host is inadvertently transported to a world of old-school monster and sci-fi movies!

The Orphans of Ragnarökr: A Viking Warband explores the icy wasteland, protecting their clan from fearsome monsters.

Fornlorn Hope: A rag-tag squad of veteran mercenaries undertakes dangerous missions in this Renaissance Europe setting.

Terra Purpura: Champions of the former Eastern Roman Empire fight against the darkness threatening the land and its people.

F14 Fleet Defender: Climb into the cockpit of your F-14 Tomcat and take to the skies on a military mission.

Red Wave Rising: Join the resistance in occupied America, fighting a guerilla war in this alternate history scenario.

Sentinels of Cirrus City: Mysteriously animated gargoyles protect the city against the forces of darkness.

D666 Bloodsacs: Survivors of a vampire invasion fight for freedom in this dark post-apocalyptic scenario.

SteamPulpTriCube: Humanity expands to Mars a decade after the failed Martian invasion of 1870 in this pulp steampunk setting.

Awakening of Anìmia: Take to the skies in your flying ship and explore the mysteries of this fantasy realm.


  1. I recently came across Tricube Tales and am enjoying the ruleset for use with solo ttrpg. I thought I'd pass along a few variations that I am experimenting with.

    Character Creation:
    Instead of 3 broad traits aligned with a concept (the 'Archtype'), you assign (2x) 3d6, (2x) 2d6, (2x) 1d6 to the following "approaches" [Idea taken from Fate Accellerated] -

    Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, Sneaky.

    When rolling to resolve an action, decide on character approach to set the number of dice to roll. Not all approaches will be relevant to the action. They must make narrative sense.

    Next, the character 'Concept' becomes similar to a Perk in that it reduces the difficulty of the task/challenge when the broad character concept (and set of implicit skills embodied by the concept) relates to the roll. You do not have to spend Karma points for using your concept(s). There can be more than one concept per character. Further, as one advances, perhaps every 4 advances, the character concept can advance from 1 to 2 and eventually to a max of 3. This is the amount that the difficult is reduced when the concept applies.

    Perk and Quirk usage remain the same.

    For solo play, I start with Karma and Resolve set to 4.

    For Oracle rolls, instead of applying a sliding scale of 2-6 for a yes, the following are used:

    1 No, And 2 No 3 No, But 4 Yes, But 5 Yes 6 Yes, And

    "Very Unlikely": 3d6 take worst die that disfavors PC
    "Unlikely": 2d6 Take worst die that disfavors PC
    "50/50": 1d6
    "Likely": 2d6 Take best die that favors PC
    "Very Likely" 3d6 Take best die that favors PC

    1. I forget to add: If you happen to have any PbtA system or perhaps IS/Starforged set of "moves" that you'd like to incorporate into the game, a handy conversion for Tricube Tales resolution to PbtA is as follows: Number of TCT Success: 0 = miss; 1 success = weak hit; 2+ successes = strong hit.