Saturday, 23 January 2016

Accursed: World of Morden

Back in 2013 Melior Via ran their first Kickstarter for Accursed, a dark fantasy setting in which the players take on the role of monstrous antiheroes, seeking atonement by fighting back against the forces of darkness that spawned them.

Since then, several additional adventures have been released, but only one supplement (Sand and Stone) that expands on the world itself. However Melior Via's second Kickstarter attempts to remedy the situation with a set of three new PDFs covering the remaining major nations as well as the Outlands and the Discordian Sea.

So far funding has been reached for the first two PDFs, but they haven't yet reached the $9000 goal for the third supplement (Bone and Barrow). There are only a couple of days left, so if you're a fan of Accursed, or just of the genre, then now is time to jump on board.

Kickstarter project: Accursed: World of Morden


Although I'm not associated with the project, I am a backer - and as is standard with Melior Via's Kickstarter projects, the draft versions of the documents have been made available immediately to the backers. So I will give a very brief overview of what you can expect from the first two supplements.

Frost and Fang

This is the main supplement, and it focuses on the two nations of Valkenholm and Steppengrad. The majority of the text focuses on culture, geography, history and legends, although there is also some crunch - six new Edges, three new Hindrances, and eight new monsters.

Science and Sea

This smaller supplement focuses the Discordian Sea. It gives an overview of naval history, but mainly focuses on areas and dangers. There are four new Edges, two new Hindrances, four new monsters, and a load of new gear (including ships and weapons).

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