Sunday, 20 August 2017

Saga of the Goblin Horde: Quick Start update

A few weeks ago, Marcus Burggraf ran a two-session playtest of Swift d12 using the Quick Start rules, and afterwards he posted some excellent feedback in the Google+ community. I've finally had the chance to incorporate his feedback along with some earlier suggestions (such as Jesse Covner's concerns with bruises and wounds), and have updated the Quick Start rules accordingly.

Get it here: SotGH Quick Start

Here is a quick summary of the changes in version 11:
  • Redesigned the damage system to use multiple health levels instead of the Brawn checks (which were effectively pseudo soak rolls, and the extra rolls slowed things down).
  • Armor is now added directly to Resilience, instead of being subtracted from damage (fewer calculations).
  • Added rules for invoking weapons and armor.
  • Knick-knacks are now invoked after (rather than before) rolling, to be consistent with weapons and armor.
  • Shields no longer give an armor bonus (although they can be invoked like armor).
  • Added "Dramatic Challenges" and "Social Challenges" as examples of extended actions, as these are the extended actions I use the most in my adventures (because they've been converted from SW).
  • Added a Surprise rule based on an idea from Mylon.
  • Revised the healing rules, adding healing checks.
  • Removed bruises and injuries, along with the Bruised and Injured conditions.
  • Ranged weapon damage is now based on Guile rather than Agility.
  • Fixed conflicting rules for ranged weapon penalties.
  • Expanded the section on stunts to provide a little more information on how to use them.

This latest version of the rules should run a little faster and smoother, with fewer rolls, simpler calculations, and less information to track.

I'm still finalizing the magic system, but will leave that for a later version, as it's not essential for the Quick Start. I have three playtesting sessions lined up over the next few days, so I wanted to make sure the rules were uploaded in advance.

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