Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Savage Dragons: Updated fan PDF

In order to practice my layout and presentation skills, I've been going back over some of my older PDFs and redesigning them, experimenting with different styles. I updated Savage Frost Giants and Savage Undead earlier this year, and now I've had the chance to update Savage Dragons as well.

The original Savage Dragons supplement was released on 1st October 2013, and included rules for a playable dragon race, with 26 Edges and 3 Hindrances. I later added some suggestions for using dragons as an Accursed Witchbreed.

The updated version of Savage Dragons offers a slightly revised race, with 27 Edges and 6 Hindrances. The Witchbreed rules are now included in the document (with permission from Melior Via).

I've also added a section for balancing dragons against SFC races, a special Draconic Injury Table (the table in SWD is really designed for humanoids), and 5 dragon archetypes (with selectable layers for Seasoned and Veteran versions).

You can download it from here: Savage Dragons

The old version is still available here if you want to compare the two.

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