Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Saga of the Goblin Horde: Quick Start version 14

I was pretty busy last year with the Savage Worlds version of Saga of the Goblin Horde, but now I hope to spend more time on Swift d12. There are a number of things I need to add and/or change, but two of them had priority based on earlier playtests, so I've updated the Quick Start rules accordingly.

Get it here: SotGH Quick Start

The change first is initiative. The approach I used in the previous version (become Staggered when you rush) was annoying, as it ended up with a lot of Mooks becoming and remaining Staggered, so I've replaced it with a simple -2 penalty for rushing. I also added a "delay" option, and reworked the Lightning-Quick Feat. I've already playtested this solution, and it's much smoother. It feels more like the original tri-phase initiative system, but without the need for extra dice rolls.

The second change is Weapon Advantage. As much as I wanted to include this, it's just not very intuitive, and during play we kept forgetting to factor it in. I've replaced it with a "Weapon Classifications" section which still retains the four main concepts: ranged weapons are more likely to hit, shields provide additional protection against ranged attacks, unarmed foes are easier to hit, and improvised weapons are inferior to regular weapons.

There's still a number of other things I need to include, not least of which is the new magic system, but I wanted to finalize the core mechanics first as I have some more playtests coming up.

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