Saturday, 19 November 2016

Drakonheim Savage Companion released

The Drakonheim Savage Companion has now been released to Kickstarter backers, and it's also available on DriveThruRPG. If you're a fan of undead and necromancy, you should definitely check it out!

You can buy it on its own: Drakonheim Savage Companion

Or bundled with the setting: Drakonheim Savage Bundle

If you're on the fence, you can also check out the free previews here, here and here. I've also talked about the setting and the companion here, and discussed the design behind the necromancy here.

For those who already have the setting, don't forget to check out my Drakonheim Character Builder, and my free One Sheets, Gray Matter and Broken Crown.

And if you haven't seen it already, my free Savage Undead fan supplement contains rules for playable undead. Although it's not specifically designed for Drakonheim, some of the Edges, Hindrances and powers are a good thematic fit.

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