Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Savage Worlds: SWADE Statblock Analyzer

A few years ago I wrote a tool for analyzing SWD statblocks, after I got tired of proofreading them all manually. Last month I started updating it to SWADE, and took the opportunity to expand and improve the information it provides.

The tool is now pretty much finished, so I would like to thank everyone who gave feedback (particularly Jan Jetmar, who sent me lots of bug reports). There are most likely some bugs that I've missed, and the analyzer currently only supports the core rules, but it's still a very useful tool which I've already started using for my own products.

You can access it here: SWADE Statblock Analyzer

The tool is primarily designed for publishers as a proofreading aid, but may also be of interest to GMs and players. It is particularly good at analyzing player characters (including archetypes and pregens), but provides useful information about monsters and other NPCs as well. It's also very handy for updating SWD characters to SWADE, as it'll report obsolete skills and such.


  1. Hi,
    I don't find any contact info so I'll spam here.
    Your combat simulator doesn't seem to accept two handed weapons.
    When I used the statblock generator creating a sword and shield character and after it a greatsword user the NDual code remained in the statblock. After reloading the page and setting everything again it disappeared.
    However in both cases the battle simulator discarded the stats of the greatsword and used Str+d8 damage instead. The discarded stats appeared as a crossed out text and after it the str+d8 damage the simulator used instead. I tested it and it really used that value.
    I tried giving -1 parry like in the old edition but the result was the same.
    Anyway thanks for the simulator it helped me a lot.

    1. Hi there! The problem is that your character isn't strong enough to use the greatsword. To quote SWD, "the weapon die can’t be higher than his Strength die. So if a scrawny kid (d4 Str) picks up a long sword (d8), he rolls 2d4 damage, not d4+d8."

      If you change the character's Strength to d10, they'll inflict d10+d10 damage with the greatsword.

  2. What a stupid rule! I missed it entirely. Thanks for the info.