Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Swift d12 update

I've been doing quite a lot of playtesting for Swift d12 lately, and have been tweaking and refining the mechanics based on those playtests. Last week I mentioned the new rules for Complication Dice, but I've also made a few other significant changes.

Although I liked the old wound system on paper, in practice it proved a pain to calculate all the modifiers every time a Champion took a hit, particularly for characters with bonuses to Endurance and Vitality. So I went back to the drawing board and redesigned it.

I also ripped out the chase rules. It was painful to do so, as I'd put a lot of time into them, but I was never quite happy with the way they worked, and they didn't quite mesh with the rest of the rules - they felt bolted on. I've saved them in a separate file, perhaps I'll revisit them later, but for now they're gone. I've included simpler replacement chase rules as a type of extended ability check.

The defensive ability checks have also been removed, as they don't work quite so well with the revised action dice (opposed rolls are no longer symmetrical), and they raise some awkward questions about the use of Karma Points.

Other rules have been added, such as improvised weapons and unarmed attacks, specific action types, new Feats, revisions to derived traits, and so on.

There's still quite a lot to finalize, and a lot more polishing to do, but the system feels pretty robust now. You can grab the latest version of the rules from here, and the goblin archetypes here. And don't forget to join the Swift d12 Google+ community if you haven't already!

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